Expanding The Services In Your Café

If you have a simple café and you like the idea of expanding your services and having more to offer your customers, then you may want to consider some of the advice that is being offered in this article. Here are some additions you may want to make to our café to bring your offerings up a notch:

Set up a full coffee bar: Instead of simply offering your customers the chance to order a regular cup of coffee, you can set up a full coffee bar inside of the café. Your customers will then be able to enjoy a wide variety of all types of coffees, including different flavored coffees, clod coffees and even blended coffees. When you have a coffee bar in your café, you will more than likely find that you will start seeing a whole new crowd of people coming to your café, on top of the regular customers you were already serving.

Set up a business area: Designate a corner of your café to people who have some work to get finished. You may want this area to have some larger and comfortable seats with tables they can set their laptops on. You also want to make sure you offer WIFI so they can stay connected to the Internet to get their online work done. Including a printer, copier, scanner and fax for customers to make use of is also a very good idea that can help them stay productive while they are ordering from the café. When customers can do their business they will stay longer and this means they will order more food, snacks and drinks.

Have karaoke nights: Think about having a small karaoke area set up in a corner of the café and offering karaoke during certain nights. This can help draw in a whole other crowd that will have a great time with karaoke while they order off the menu. A good idea would be to have the karaoke nights at your café be held on your slower nights. This is a great way for you to turn those slower nights into much more successful ones.

Get your liquor license: You should also consider getting your liquor license, perhaps with the help of Alcoholic Beverage License Service, and serving some alcoholic beverages. Some people really like to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine with their meal. Having the ability to offer them the chance to do so at your café can help your café grow your customer base.